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Hello everybody.

My name is Solmaz Sabeghi. I'm 27 years old. I am a genetic technician in a biotechnology and medical genetic laboratory. It is my pleasure to share with you how learning English affects my life.

I started learning English in this institute when I was 9. To be honest with you at first I had some difficulties in learning English but very soon I become more and more enthusiastic and it becomes the best English course ever. Gradually I became more fluent and nothing was more satisfying than understanding a movie or reading a book in English and having a mistake free conversation.

Farzanegan English institute helped me to become a confident English speaker and this creates a lot of opportunities for me. Its effect on my career improvement was incredible. As you know most professional jobs require a good level in English and you can experience a great boost in your career by learning English.

Our laboratory provides professional services and technology transfer by holding different workshops. Some foreign participants from Nigeria, India, Greece and etc take part in our workshops. Training and communicating with them is one of my duties in our laboratory.

My English knowledge always makes me an ideal candidate to participate international symposiums and exhibitions. Taking part in 28THcongress of European society of human genetic which was held in Italy and accompanying Kawsar Biotech Company in Biotechnica exhibition 2015 in Germany were my last career developments which were completely indebted to what I have learned in this institute.

At the end I want to express my gratitude to my great teachers Mr. Soudian and Mrs. Kermani who had dramatic effects to shape me in to a person that I am today and for that I will always be thankful.






An event causing great and usually sudden damage or suffering; a disaster

an environmental catastrophe



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