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General knowledge is something that doesn’t falls into any subject and at the same time it falls into every topic and subject that your student studies in the school. One person’s intelligence and intellect is often judged on his level of general knowledge and it is also an important part of almost every competition test and examination. Thus it becomes important for every parent and teacher that his child/student has better general knowledge. Here are some simple ways how can you do the same and get the better general knowledge in your child.

• News Papers: Perhaps one of the most traditional ways for increasing your general knowledge, but also the most effective way too. News paper is like a lake of information, where you can get information on almost every topic and subject. New papers are the best way to increase your knowledge about current affairs.

• Magazines: News papers and magazines are counterparts, both solves the purpose in almost a same way, but magazines are having a bit of twist with their content as they are more rich with editorials and are result of better research.

 Infotainment Channels: Channels like discovery, national geographic, animal planet and history, etc. are literally a treasury of knowledge, showering information on various subjects and as we all know that kids learns best from audio visuals, these channels plays a vital role in increasing the graph of overall knowledge among children.

• School Education: Though almost every kid goes to school and they learn various things there, but still many of them are pretty weak with general knowledge, reason is old bookish way of learning. But that trend is now changing and children are showing their interest in studies (thanks to the new ways of teaching through technology). Tools like iPerform and classpad are now playing a vital role in that change among students, helping children in gathering knowledge while enjoying and playing.General knowledge is one of the synonyms of common sense/knowledge and as they say “common sense is not so common”, was pretty true till past few years but that is now changing especially in our new generation, thanks to the educational companies like Classteacher Learning Systems for introducing tools like Classpad and iPerform.






Of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere: searches for extraterrestrial intelligence  


A hypothetical or fictional being from outer space: an extraterrestrial from Mars



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