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Checking Your Vocabulary Knowledge


Here are some sources for finding out how much vocabulary you know at different frequency levels or what your total vocabulary size is. To check how much you know at different frequency levels, try:

The Complete Lexical Tutor:
Vocabulary Levels Tests Online

An excellent site for testing your knowledge of vocabulary at particular frequency levels. The site divides words into the following frequency levels:

1000 Level Test A
  Test B
2000 Level Test A
  Test B  Test C
3000 Level Test A  Test B  Test C
5000 Level Test A
  Test B  Test C
University Word Test A  Test B (words common in university textbooks) 
10000 Level Test A
Test B  Test C (uncommon words)

To find your vocabulary level, start with the 2,000 test, and keep going on to the harder tests until your score drops below 83%. (You will see parts of words in a sentence, and have to complete the word: i.e. you are tested on your ability to use the word, not just know the meaning when you read it.

Note knowledge of words that you read, your score would undoubtedly be higher.) When your score drops below 83%, the site suggests that you learn words at this level before retaking the test. This is where the site becomes really useful. It generates a list of all the words at that frequency level. You can then identify the words that you want to learn. Once you click on a word, you can see lines which show you examples of the word in many different contexts, and see WordNet definitions, synonyms etc. Seeing how the words are used in context will help you learn them.Your test score gives you a rough idea of how many words you know in that frequency range. For example, if you score 90% on the 5,000 test, that indicates that you know roughly 90% of the words in the 3,000-5,000 range. In other words, there are probably about 10%that if you make spelling or grammatical errors, you will be marked ‘wrong’. Don’t worry if your score seems low: if you were testing your or (in this case) 200 words in that range that you do not know. You might want to go on to the next level, or perhaps stay at the same level and learn some of the words you don’t know before moving on.Another useful learning activity would be to use simplified readers whose vocabulary has been limited to the range you want to focus on. You can find many simplified readers on the ‘Readers’ shelf in the Reading & Writing Area in the SAC. The vocabulary levels range from c. 1,000 to 5,000 words.

To get a rough idea of your level of vocabulary knowledge, try:

Increase Your Vocabulary (‘Vocabulary’ shelf, Reading and Writing Area). This will give you a rough indication of whether your overall vocabulary level is Intermediate, Upper Intermediate or Advanced.

Transparent.com (American) English Language Proficiency Test


This is mainly a grammar test, but also contains 10 vocabulary questions and 10 reading comprehension questions. Gives you a simple Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced rating. Answers provided



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برنامه امتحان فاینال ترم بهار فرزانگان





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