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An Introduction to Skills Classes

Does it bother you that one of your language skills is not as sharp as the others? 

Do you have abundant knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, but you lack the essential skills to demonstrate it?

Do you need to improve any, some, or all of your language skills substantially?

Are you aware of the fact that the four main language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing) each consists of certain sub-skills that, if developed, can help improve your main language skills?

Would you care to become natural and fluent English speakers? How about practicing natural language ‘chunks’?

Would you like to build your confidence and develop natural-sounding English as you practice it through a variety of communicative and fun activities, including quizzes, board games, questionnaires, and picture stories?

Would you like to develop skills to write a variety of different genres such as emails, reports, fiction and business letters?

Farzanegan English school proudly presents its newly customized courses to meet your needs and help you overcome your worries.

The courses:

·         are entirely consistent with the approaches and methodology of the school mainstream courses, Four Corners and Summit, and can help broaden the knowledge and skills you acquire while doing these courses.

·         are optional and learners can take them after having finished certain mainstream courses.

·         consist of ten ninety-minute classes, held once a week. They can be taken separately or alongside with mainstream courses.

·         are designed to encourage students to practice a range of speaking skills including negotiating, persuading, expressing opinion and requesting information. They also integrate other skill areas while using a certain skill in realistic contexts.

·          are designed to encourage students to read materials in different ways: reading for gist, scanning, skimming, comprehension, analyzing structure, summarizing and shadow reading.

·         enjoy materials which engage and motivate students with meaningful tasks.

·         include exclusively tailored lessons for school graduates ho would like to constantly maintain and improve their language skills.

·         include only classwork and leave you no work to do at home.

For more information, call Farzanegan English school.



Go to the dogs


He used to be a handsome movie star, but now he's gone to the dogs.

Meaning: to decline in looks or health; to be ruined or destroyed; to ruin yourself

Origin: As far as the 1500s, food that was not thought suitable for human consumption was thrown to the dogs. The expression caught on and expanded to include any person or thing that came to a bad end, was ruined, or looked terrible.



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